Episode 14

Published on:

22nd Dec 2023

Daily Fantasy Plays for week 16 of the 2023 NFL season - Episode 14

Welcome to Episode 14 of 'The Dumpster Fire Sports Podcast.'

In this episode, the trio is geared up to dive into the world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), delivering their trademark unfiltered take on the upcoming matchups. Engage in their dynamic discussions, ranging from heated debates to insightful DFS strategies and picks, all geared toward elevating your fantasy game.

(OBV A.I. wrote this description, it's way over the top

The real description is the following: listen to 3 dudes make guesses at the best DFS plays for the DraftKings Main Slate, GPPs, Week 16).

This week's agenda packs a punch, featuring a deep dive into predictions for the monumental clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders on the special Christmas Day showdown.

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As advocates of collective learning and camaraderie, they extend an invitation to join their DraftKings Low-Dough Bros league. Dive into the DFS excitement together and aim for fantasy triumphs as a community. Join the action on DraftKings.

Tune in for an energetic exchange where chaos harmonizes with football, and let them be your guides through the labyrinth of DFS with wit and genuine passion

AI is EXTRA with this description. But what can ya do?

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Join us each episode for insights from a bunch of random low dough daily fantasy sports players. All of the opinions in this podcast are for entertainment only, DO NOT USE ANYTHING YOU HEAR for actual gambling with real money. Matter of fact, your best bet might be to use the opposite play from what you hear inside each show.