Episode 12

Published on:

1st Dec 2023

Daily Fantasy Plays for week 13 of the 2023 NFL season - Episode 12

And now for our description, written by ChadGPT...

Welcome to Episode 12 of 'The Dumpster Fire Sports Podcast,' your go-to destination for Week 13 insights during the 2023 NFL season. Join hosts Joe and Brady as they hold down the fort while Brandon is on the PUP list, unable to join us this week. Nonetheless, we're charging ahead into the realm of DFS, providing a distinct and unfiltered perspective.

While we might not be DFS experts, we're dedicated to delivering a fresh perspective, a sprinkle of humor, and entertaining DFS picks and plays for the upcoming matchups. Our goal remains steadfast: guiding you through the unpredictable landscape of DFS while injecting some fun into your fantasy lineup.

In this episode, expect lively debates and potentially dive into predictions for the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs game, the Monday Night Super Bowl rematch against the Eagles.

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We thrive on shared learning and camaraderie. Join our DraftKings Low-Dough Bros league, where we collectively embrace the DFS challenge, aiming for fantasy glory together. Join us at DraftKings.

At 'The Dumpster Fire Sports Podcast,' we treasure the journey, offering a unique perspective on DFS insights. We aim to make your fantasy football experience more enjoyable and distinct. Tune in for an unconventional take on the 2023 NFL season, where chaos intertwines with football, and together, we navigate the world of DFS with humor and authenticity.

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Join us each episode for insights from a bunch of random low dough daily fantasy sports players. All of the opinions in this podcast are for entertainment only, DO NOT USE ANYTHING YOU HEAR for actual gambling with real money. Matter of fact, your best bet might be to use the opposite play from what you hear inside each show.